Melting In Butter

by Kits In Kahoots

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released August 28, 2016

all songs written by Shannon Hanna
track 3 written by Shannon Hanna and Joe Ippolito

Shannon Hanna - Vocals
Ilan Natter - Drums
Joe Ippolito - Guitar
Henry Munson - Drums and Guitar and Bass
Max Bernie Shafer - Bass and Drums and Vox

recorded at The Stu on 8/22/16

recorded by Henry Munson and Ilan Natter
mixed and edited by Ilan Natter

album art by Maya Greenberg, Emma Passy and Shannon Hanna

"i really don't feel like i have to thank anyone"



all rights reserved


Kits In Kahoots Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Blood Brothers
Give me a break 
You ate everything I am 
Showering In champagne 
Kissing on demand
Now what's left for me 
The one that leached to you 
Where's my royalties 
My royalties For loving you 
I thought we were blood brothers and you'd always need me 
I wished we were blood brothers and you d never leave me 
Now that you just ran off and ditched me 
I guess now you can just rejoice and be glad
Now You don't have to deal with my crap 
I guess now you can just rejoice and be glad
Now you don't have to hear me cry on the phone 
You little shit bag
Left me to dry 
Pleading and pleading 
Watching me cry 
I recall the times 
You said you'd be there 
Now I sit here 
With out you as my friend
I dreamed we'd be blood brothers my heart soaking in coke 
I should have known we'd never be blood brothers, you know 
Now I watch your head held high 
I guess now you can just rejoice and be glad 
I wonder when I'll feel that way again 
Track Name: Spoons
Sweet satisfaction fills me up
To the brim of my heart 
It distracts me from stuff 
Fall down the cliff
Realize your gold 
Embrace his arms 
Fast and slow 
I'm not here triplet clap 
I'm not there triplet clap 
I just wanna lick the sugar again  
Dearest who's nearest 
This is for you/ you who brings kisses when I am blue 
Embrace his arms Fast and slow
Embrace his arms 
fast and slow 
Don't think I'm ever here triplet
Don't think I'm ever there triplet 
I just wanna lick the sugar again I just wanna lick the sugar again 
Track Name: Melted In Butter
Im Meltin in butter to make it all better 
That's the life , that's the life 
That's the life I life I lead to 
I swim in hot butter to make it all better 
Do you sniff that. my desperation 
That's the life , that's the life 
I'm meltin in butter to make it all better 
Track Name: Jenene
Panties in a twist, my mind is melting to the bits they say carry on, carry on 
I settle for trading cards, put my conscious in the yard and carry on, carry on 
Hop to the corner store 
Drink chocolate shakes cuz the say carry on , carry on 
Hold down my weight and try to concentrate until I just carry on 
Huhhhh Huh 
C to am 
Huh Jenene you make me crack , splat fall

Huh Jenene I would turn into a machine for you 
Huh huh huh 
They say I'm a little ittle girl who begs tah be big so I pretend to carry on, carry on 
Who needs a man when you got a dog I want to carry on carry on 
Laugh at the perverts i dream they'll suffer they've carried on, carry on 
My oh my give me a fork im ready to carry on , carry on 
Huh Jenene I beg pretty please
Huh Jenean I dream that I'll meet there 
Huh huh huh 
Track Name: Ointy Unt
Grab me in the palm of your hands and tell me 
Tell me what's right and wrong and how to be 
Crush me with a force of destruction leave me
I take things way to harshly 
Poor me 
Poor me 
Poor me 
Runaway from the hooligan fascist there minds on the sex not the passion falling down in the crowd no one catches poor me poor 
In the time of beep oh beep computers 
We act like program full of squared loser
Falling down in the crowd no one catches 
Crush me with a force of destruction and how to be
Track Name: Coconut Pudding
I wannt a rich warm sensation 
So I look in my refrigerator
I found the key 
They key is nice and fruity 
I look for the answer it's not up ur ass or the river 
I look for the key 
I found the key it's nice and fruity 
Coconut pudding 
Coconut pudding